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Chicken landed on me!

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I've been trying to train the chickens as they are a bit skittish.

I was bent forward today and Abbie jumped on my back! :lol: I looked round and could see her face looming at me and she pecked at my ear. :shock: I tried to push her away from my ear but was unfortunately wearing the rubber gloves she likes to peck and she pecked again. I stood up, but she clung on even when I swayed from side to side :shock: and I had to try and overbalance her to get her to fly off.


OH thought it was hilarious and that I am now 2nd in the pecking order. :roll:

It was a sharp peck and I have a tiny cut now - ouch! :(

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I'm sure I have effectively trained her to jump on it and peck until fed.

She thought about jumping onto my knee but wasn't keen on the trousers and just pulled at the labels and pockets instead. Even before if you left it still long enough she would peck a hand, or work her way round my coat gently tugging.

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