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flying hens!!

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we have one super duper hen who has decided that she wants to fly. :roll: every time we let our chooks out of their run, she decides that she wants to go RIGHT out, and jumps clear over the omlet netting which is 5ft high?!?!?! :clap::clap:

now this was really cool to begin with 8) , and great to watch :shock: , but it has now got annoying as it means someone ends up doing a relay race in and outside to put her back inside the netting again. :roll:

We clipped her wings again today, and this has made no impact at all, she still clears it no problem :x

anyone elses hens do this, and any advice for keeping her in??? :D

tap back!

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Keep her shut in for say 5 days so she gets used to be in a contained area? I shut my Welsummer in the eglu run for a few days (with the others out) as she kept trying to fly off in her first few days. I don't let them out of the chickenwire pen now as used to find if they got let into the garden occasionally they would escape as they'd done it the previous day-and thought they could every day.

They like habit, so if you can get them into a habit of having a set territory she might not fly out.


Saying that, our GNR after 18 months randomly started flying out, laying an egg under the hedge, then sitting on it or flying back. :? I found an egg the other week, but 95% of the time she stays in the pen or flies out and straight back in.

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cant really put netting on top, as we constantly move both the run and the netting, and it would be hard to get it to such a height that she could not clear it without the help of the eglu as a booster!!! ( to begin with, she hopped onto the eglu, then over the netting, now, she just goes straight over!!!)

good idea though!

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Daisy, chief hen, has always flown over the top of every kind of netting or fence I've ever put up regardless of height. She even flew up to me on the patio which is about 9ft high! Clipping her wing has had no impact on her flying ability either. I'm now looking to a more permanent run to contain her as where she flies the others want to follow!!

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