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Normal to moult so soon?

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My Cream Legbar and Welbar that I hatched last year aren't a year old yet - they both started laying in September/October, only laid for a few weeks then moulted in December. Their feathers are starting to grow back now and I'm hoping they start laying again in February.

I was surprised too Helen (and disappointed as I only got nice blue eggs for a few weeks :( ).

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They do seem to go through partial moults sometimes. A couple of mine have done that this winter. As long as it is a moult and she isn't being pecked (you'll know it's a moult as she will quickly start to regrow little stubby quills), she may benefit from some extra protein in her diet to aid feather regrowth. Rinsed, tinned tuna in spring water; cat food and chick crumbs are all a good source of extra protein.

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I'm pretty sure she isn't being pecked - she is more likely to be the pecker of others to be honest :?


I was fretting that she was bored, but with a huge run with branches, perches, dusbath's etc. in it (thinking of moving the garden bench in because they like it so much :roll:) and free ranging all weekend I think I'm beginning to tip the scales of 'over the top chicken welfare worrier' :shock:


They had washed tuna yesterday - all of them, because she is such a stroppy madam she won't let me give her individual treatment :roll:



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