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Off to a party!

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I'm going partying tonight...been invited to a Partylite candle party & I've got a shopping list as long as my arm. I'm totally addicted to their Ginger lemon meringue pie & I've got one of their redd diffusers in Mulberry on my landing & it's gorgeous! I think I could sell them some candle stuff. Between me & 2 of my friends, we have everything in the catalogue! :shock:


I am also addicted to Yankee too! I bought a half price cinnamon sticks jar the other day from Burnell's in Sandbach. It was £6.95 for the Large jar!!!! :D

I've had a christmas cookie sampler burning & it's lovely - think any bigger than a sampler would be sickly. The mistletoe tart is still going strong.

Anyone else a partylite addict???


I hope I win a prize tonight - I did at the last party - Twas great!



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