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Ready made runs *+ more questions on plans *

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Does anyone else know of anywhere/anyone where you can get ready made chicken runs. I'm taling 12ftx9ft kind of size. I've contacted the chap scrunchee (I think) used and have flounf flytesofancy but I was wondering if there was nayone else competitively priced. I'v tried ggogle but keep getting HFW or dvds

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Ok I've gone down the local handyman route and hes said hes interested in doing it. He wants me to cost up the timber etc though and I don't know whats needed. I showed him xscrunchees pics. Has anyone got an plans for their run or a list of what they needed?

I'm so useless at this and feel very swamped hence all the questions. Sorry

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Bronze do you not have an OH who is a bit handy with a few tools? they really are very easy to build. You could always come and check ours out and copy the design.


I'm sure he could if he would but he wont. :( thanks for the offer. I'm stealing various ideas from pictures of peoples and will hopefully be collecting something from Scrunchee this week too. We so need a Norfolk meet up dont we.

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