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how many in cube with 3mtr run?

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We got our Cube at Christmas, with 4 Pepperpots, today we got 2 Ginger Rangers..They free range all day, almost everyday...we hope to build a bigger home around them when the weather brightens up...

I understand you can fit 10 in a cube, is this realistic it seems a bit cramped to me?

We've got the Chicken Madness bug and love them to bits

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I have never even seen a Cube in real life, but I am sure all 10 would be perfectly fine if they had to stay in the run now and then. Compared to the poor battery hens they are very spoilt - and they would be even more pleased to be let out again...

Laila, who is just a little jealous and would love lots more hens some day

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We've got 7 standard sized hens and four bantams in the cube and there's still room for more, which is just as well as I've got 4 ex-batts who will gradually be introduced over the next few weeks so that makes 15! That said, they will, by that tine if OH ever gets off his butt, be in a 12ft x 6ft run that's walk in so I plan for them to have perches and straw bales etc plus other nesting areas, if you had ten in the cube with the run and an extn, they'd probably be alright on the odd day they were left in.


Good luck, it's hard isn't it, to stop at four, or five, we started with 5, then up to 7 then 11 and now 15, but that really has to be it as we have NO garden left, it's just mud. Although I would really really love two BRahmas, oh dea, OH will kill me! :wink::lol:


Mrs Bertie

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