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Internet radio help needed please

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My hubby has expressed an interest in having an internet radio for his birthday and I am a techno numpty.


Do you have to have wireless broadband for them to work or can they plug into the router via the same cable that we run the laptop from in the lounge which is connected to the router with a cable through the wall from the study?


Any recommendation as to makes and where to get one from would be gratefully received :D

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dunno anything about 'internet radio'? I listen to Radio 4 online lots - just with the laptop & regular broad band connection. Ours is the wireless thingy so I can cart the laptop around the house while I do the housework - 'The Archers' are helping load the dishwasher at the moment! :wink:


Seems very deja vu to me, I remember carting a big radio around the house in England - vacuum valves and all -to distract me from the washing-up!

Plus ca change. . .

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We have a Roberts wi-fi internet radio and we all love it. You can listen to radio from all over the world, but the selling point for us was that fact that radio 4 gets good reception, we get very poor signal and won't be getting digital for another 4 years. You can also do BBC radio on demand so I can listen to all the missed programs ie the Archers anytime without having to put the computer on and you can get pod casts.


Hope that helps



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I listen to Radio 4 online lots /quote]


:shock::lol::lol: A little bit of England, eh?


What do they make of Gardener's Question Time over there?


It makes me sigh :(

England truly is such a green & fertile land, you can grow almost anything - especially if you have a greenhouse.

Here it is high mountain desert & a struggle to keep my flowers from frying to a crisp in the summer :x or irretrievably frozen in the winter :x

I avoid Gardeners Question Time :(

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Hi we bought an internet radio after christmas, its brill!!! WOULD RECOMMEND. 1000's more stations than a DAB radio. As far as i know you need wireless internet connection.

Our radio was approx £50..... a lot for a radio, but its so good. We bought my partners dad one for christmas and he is hooked! listening to channels all over the world.

Hope this helps

Amanda :wink:

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