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How often do chickens need to eat and drink?

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Excuse me if the above question is really daft (but I only got my chickens today!), :oops: so they all went into their elgu when it got dark, so I've shut the door, so obviously they now don't have access to their food and drink.


So presumably they can go 12 or so hours without food or drink quite happily?

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It depends on the time of year.


They go to roost at nightfall and get up at daybreak, so in the winter they can be without food from 5pm till 7am.


In the summer It will be very different.


They won't starve overnight if that is what is worrying you.


If their crops are full by the late afternoon they will be fine.


Welcome to the forum by the way. :lol:


Don't be afraid to ask questions.


We were all beginners once and relied on the advice of more experienced hen keepers. :lol:

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i worried about that too. During the shortest days, when ours went to bed at about 3.45pm ish (of their own accord, because it was dark) and we let them out at about 7.45am ish (16 hours), they were fine. They use the food stored in their crops too see them thru the night.

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Hi crazygal,

Congrats on getting your chickens. I get mine tomorrow. We are also based in Hampshire. I'm very excited and also nervous. Did Omelet come and help you set up- if so were they helpful?. I have read how everyone becomes besotted with there chickens- You must post some photos _ when the weather is better.

I'm off to Scats to see if i can get some hemcore or similar and peruse the chicken section

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Hi HennyPenny- Unfortunately I couldn't be here when Omlet arrived (they knew that), but they set it up for me where I asked, and after it was done they posted the information through my letterbox, and phoned me on my mobile to tell me they had come. He also very kindly gave me a bit of info on the chickens- which one was likely to start laying first etc.


QUite brilliant really- I arrived home to find all 3 chickens happily eating and drinking and wandering around their run!!


Once I work out how to get my photos on the internet from my camera I will post some that's for sure!


I'm also getting some hemcore at the weekend to put in their run because of all this rain.


Where's Scats? I've not heard of it.


Good luck tomorrow!!

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Hi Crazygal

Scats are often on retail parks They sell stuff for horses, cats, dogs etc Farming and outdoor garden stuff. I think there are stores in or near Salisbury, Romsey, Lymington,Winchester and Basingstoke. They have a website if you want to look. I just put in Scats in the search section.

have yours been out into their run today? or is it too wet for them? What type of hens did you get?

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Yep they've all ventured out- its just light drizzle here at the moment, and a bit blustery. They don't seem to mind.

I have fixed some bubble wrap over the top and down one side of the run so they can get to their food and drink without getting too wet. Hopefully it will stay- I've attached it on with clothes pegs.

I've got 3 gingernut rangers. What are you getting?

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