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Bantams - what age do they lay?

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I've had my hens since the end of October now.

The first egg came on 12th Dec & all the Omlet girls are now laying 3 to 4 eggs a day between them.

However, I also rehomed 2 Plymouth Rock bantams from another Omleteer at the same time who are approximately the same age as the big girls but who don't look remotely interested in laying.

They look perfectly healthy & happy.


Does anyone with experience of bantams know at what age I might expect to see some eggs from them?


I'm desperate to see what their eggs look like! :P (freeloaders!)



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Bubbles my Plymouth rock hatched April (2005), laid her first egg in the September and carried on laying until November. she had a rest :roll: until March and then started laying again.


Jeremy one of my newbies hatched april (2007) laid her first egg last week, she has now laid 3 eggs :P


None of my other girls including Bubbles look the least bit interested in laying at the moment :roll: Any eggs laid before March would be a nice surprise.


My girls had all stopped laying by August last year :( They only laid for 5 months :( , but I still love them :wink::D

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I got my wyandotte bantam in July 06, supposedly POL or thereabouts, but she didn't start laying until November - I really didn't expect her to start once the days were so short, but I guess she was ready!


She's been more prone to broody spells than my late Speckledy, but most of the time lays about three eggs a week. They're lovely little eggs too, and very popular with my colleagues' children (when I have any to spare!).

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