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More cheap fruit trees and bushes - Lidl

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Went to Lidl yesterday and picked up one of their leaflets. They have lots of fruit trees and bushes on sale from Friday 25th January.


Fruit trees available: Conference pear, Cox's Orange, Pippin Apple, Stella Cherry, Victoria Plum and many more. (never heard of a couple of these, I just copied the text!)


Bushes available: Blackberry, Blueberry,Gooseberry, Raspberry and many more.


Trees are £3.99 and bushes are 99p :shock:


Not sure of the quality as I have never had plants from Lidl before :?

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I have tried a few times to get some of the fruit trees without success. They go really quickly. The last time I went the manager told me he had people outside waiting for the shop to open :shock:


That happens down here on occasion too Ali :roll:


I may try and pop in to see if I can get another plum and an apple tree to train against the fence. More blueberries and raspberries wouldn't harm either :D

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Well, I now have two new fruit trees in the garden plus another blueberry bush :D


There were lots available at my local Lidl, but showing considerable restraint I bought a conference pear and a Victoria plum tree, although there were other types of both available but I wasn't familiar with them. The blueberry looks OK, but a little dormant, so I stopped at one, and I didn't like the look of the raspberries so I didn't take a chance on those.


I have been told there are raspberries at Poundland which have growth on them so that will be next Fridays shopping trip :wink:

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It is worth trying Woolworths too. I have bought raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, cranberries and even nectarines from them in the past and they have been fantastic. They have a good range of pear, apple, plum, apricot - loads of them and really good prices. :wink:


Have a look at my website and you can see how I have just planted them all in my new plot!!

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