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I dont have any overheads in my photobucket account Poet at the moment, as soon as i get some I will put them on. :D


The only things my girls tend to eat are summer bedding plants and flowers - especially lobelia - they totally destroyed that. they didnt eat busy lizzies though... :?


maybe my lot are fussy?! :lol:

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that looks super thank you for showing us all we have all gleened much inspiration from your beautiful creative looking garden


you're welcome for that link too cheryl, happy gardening! :D

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They don't do Sage either - you can get the purple sage, variagated and normal green sage. :lol:

My chooks aren't in my good books as they have just eaten my Heuchuras :x

That tall plant Chelsea has is a Phormium, I have a few - you can get them in several different leaf colours. :D



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