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i am waiting for my eglu to be delivered next week which i cant wait for, but the more i look into the forum i am thinkin i maybe should change it to the cube. everyone seems to say how you will soon be hooked and want more chooks. i would rather get one now rather than regret it later. cube or eglu :?: any advise welcome cheers. :lol:

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The cube actually takes up less space - it is just a fraction wider than the eglu run at it's widest point, and shorter. But it is the same width all along, so more floor space than the eglu run which narrows considerably at the eglu end. Plus you have space under the run.


I had two eglus, now one cube. The cube and run would have taken the space of one of the eglus. I have built a large run and the cube is on the outside of the run. You do need access to both sides of the cube as the egg port is one side and the door handle at the other.


In this picture, you can just see the 2 eglus, the purple one is nearest the house and is where the cube and run is now.



This is the cube and run in the place the purple eglu was:



Hope this helps! :D

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go for the cube, you will almost certainly end up with more chooks, i had one eglu and three chooks, then bought another eglu and two more chooks, then another eglu and three more chooks and another and two more chooks :shock::shock: .... then i sold them all on e-bay and bought a reconditioned cube (and more chooks) and i made my own run so they have loads of room to run around.

i should have just bought a cube in the first place. :roll:

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