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Eaten eggs - problem solved

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Jumping for joy here... after weeks of coping with the chooks eating their own eggs, and while considering filling egg shells with mustard and chilli to try and solve the issue, I came accross some advice on here suggesting to put some hard fake eggs in the nesting box...


Well that was fantastic advice... I bought some plastic and ceramic eggs which I put in the nesting box, and I have had my two eggs intact every day since, a whole week of full egg production... I'm really happy about this, as it seems such a waste to lose the eggs that way....


The chooks haven't minded the fake eggs at all either, I'm leaving them there for now cause I don't want them to get back into the habit of eating their eggs, they really seemed to have developed a strong liking for them...


It was such a straightforward, easy, efficient way to sort the problem, I'm just annoyed with myself for not having done it earlier!!!


This forum is fantastic...

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ooh, that's useful to know. I've found a couple of empty eggshells, but I don't know if they broke, and then the girls scoffed the contents, or whether they were deliberately broken.


It's infuriating, and dried egg is difficult to clean off the Eglu! If it happens again I'll bear that trick in mind.

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