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ANyone interested in having my two speckeld sussex bantums?

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Egluntine's right - I have 10 banties myself and a wealth of experience. As soon as they start to lay they will become so much more biddable.


One on my newer hens has just started; she used to be very skittish and unbiddable - now she follows me everywhere, chatting away and always wants to be picked up.


Give them a bit of time


They sound lovely; any pictures?

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Would be a very late developer at 11 months :lol: - no. def a girl, a big lazy lump of a girl. She was the only fertile egg out of 6, doesn't have true markings (only a bit of brown speckling, mostly black) and sometimes I think she looks more like she's an Orp cross. I was conned I think :roll:

Just went out and tried to take a pic - impossible, she wouldn't stand still :evil: . This is her a few months ago - she's much rounder now but head gear still the same :roll:




Sorry for hi-jacking your post Leopardstar :oops:

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I shouldn't say it but she's my least favourite - all my girls I can pick up and cuddle and check over. I have to get her in a corner and pounce, which is distressing for her but I need to check her over from time to time. As you say, if she would only start laying she might mellow a bit.

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