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Whos is it??? **strikes again!

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Well I just got back from doing my chicken swap (we now have a silkie) Went to pop her in the egg port and discovered a couple of eggs, now one I know is the Bluebelles as she went into lay shortly before going out, but the other one :?


Its Bantam sort of size at only 36g and is a pale creamy colour. So its the wrong colour for the Araucana and Maran, it seems to small for the Gingernut even for a first, plus her comb and wattle are still very small and pale, so Im pretty sue she is too young. So that leaves one of my origional purebreeds. I wasnt expecting anything from them for a while still cause of the time of year.


So its either my Brahma, Wyandotte Bantam or Miniture Orp. Any ideas???


They have all had red comb and wattles for some time but none of them are squatting.

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My Brahmas eggs started off about that size - then moved up to about 49g.

They are a pale creamy / ivory colour to start I've found - getting a little darker or speckled as they go on.

Of the three Brahmas laying, only two have really developed combs, which has had me a bit confused until I watched them at the weekend :D



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Someone else told me their Minutire Orp laid White eggs, so it might not be her, looking at it again today its a bit closer to beige. I doubt I will get another one today as it was laid yesterday afternoon. All my purebreeds are still a bit flighty so Im very confused. Perhaps the bluebelle just laid two eggs? :?

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Well I just checked the nesting box and discovered another mystery egg. Here is a pic of it along side my white stars egg and bluebelles. Its more of a creamy beige than the bluebelle.



Im guessing at the moment that its Pluckys, as I have been watching a lot today and she has been in and out of the house all morning, and I think she was on the Wednesday too when the first one was laid. I will take it along to show the breeder tomorrow when I go to ask him.

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One stil to name, just the Black Araucana, the rest of them I have named based on their behavior or colour, and she hasnt made enough of a presence of herself yet for me to find something suitable, although Im thinking of Shadow now, as she always seems to just be loitering in the background somewhere.

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