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Constantly Broody

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One of my littlies (Fuzz) appears to be CONSTANTLY broody at the moment. Currently, shes sitting on the eglu nest, and pecking anyone and everything that dares so much as breathe at her, let alone go near her. Obviously its causing ruptions when she does eventually come out and socialise for a little wile (the others are pecking her when she feeds and are being generally nasty to her).


Is it normal for them to be SO broody? she only started laying late last year, could it be hormones settling? (do chickens have hormonal problems?!)


Any advice, I dont quite know what to do at the moment. I am loathed to put her in a broody cage, and they all free range constantly all day, so I dont have the eglu run set up. Obviously, Puzz is laying eggs (the other littlie)and Fuzz is nicking her eggs and sitting on them. I do remove them (with the help of a scoop to keep the beak at bay!)


Silly creatures! :roll:

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