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Hedgehog rescue centre around Derby Derbyshire ?

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hi all,  does anyone know of a hedgehog rescue centre around Derby , South Derbyshire?

i have / am rescuing underweight hedgehogs in my garden. one caught so far,  other trying to catch as present.

need advice how to look after or to take to,  

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society   do not have any rescue centres on their books anywhere close to me. but did give alot of advice

Can anyone give advise or know of a rescue centre 


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We rescued one years ago that had fallen down the cellar steps and couldn't climb back. He was covered in fly strike eggs which took two hours to remove with tweezers. He was too light and weak to be put out and with Winter approaching we kept him in. Fed initially on Whiskers rabbit or chicken, we then bought proper hedgehog tinned food. Over Winter he lived in an upstairs unheated bedroom in an A4 box full of wood shavings and with a hole cut in the side so he could venture out, which he did often. The outer enclosure was a much larger box, cut down to a foot high. We left water and dried hedgehog food there. The internet wasn't what it is now, but we got a phone number from a newspaper article and they gave us instructions.

In Spring Henry was released into the garden where he gorged himself on snails. He became quite big and was always tame, often sitting on our laps during BBQ's. Later joined by Harry, another underweight rescue. No problems with slugs and snails in our garden.

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