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Tuck In!

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went to this butchers today http://www.traditionalmeat.com/home.html


They have their own slaughter house and the chicken is slaughtered by electric prod, similar to how it was done at River Cottage, I bombarded them with questions before I went :D


They had loads of lovely meat so we bought 3kg of chicken breast, cut into strips and bagged in 300g bags for stir frys etc.


They make their own rare breed sausages, I forgot to ask what breed of pig as they had a queue out of the door! We bought 6 pork sausages and 6 lincolnshire sausages. Also got 8 rashers of their own dry cured bacon and 6 chicken thigs for chasseurs/stews etc.


oh and a 2.2kg free range whole chicken for £9.


The whole lot came to just over £44 and will keep us going for ages :D


While we waited I picked up a couple of free mags called 'Tuck In' and they've got some great recipes in, I'm doing roast chicken with potato and parsnip gratin (recipe on the site) with glazed sprouts and carrots tomorrow.


I'm making chicken and mushroom risotto on Monday and will make a stock with the carcass. It's the first time I've ever cooked a whole chicken so I'm looking forward to it.


oh yes, here's the site for the recipes :lol:http://www.tuck-in.com/


the gratin recipe is in issue 6, probably not a very sophisticated recipe for you experienced cooks but it's all new to me and I'm looking forward to it, it looks gorgeous :drool:

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I always pick up a Tuck In if I can & have had some really great recipes from there.

If I remember rightly,Dans Faggotts recipe came from a Tuck In? :?


used to love Brains faggots when I was a kid, I'd love to have a go at my own, are they difficult? have you got the recipe at all please?

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cheers C. I made a complete hash of the last lot of kidneys that i tried to chop up, they're slippery little suckers and I couldn't get the core out properly. Wonder if the butcher would do them for me :?

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Butchers will do anything if you ask nicely :D - well, I mean... almost anything :roll::oops:


well, I'm going to be a regular customer of this one! :D


we had some of the chicken breast in a stir fry last night and it was so moist and tender it was literally melt in the mouth and there was a definite difference btwn it and supermarket free range chicken!


We had the bacon on barms for lunch today and it was delicius and didn't shrink like the stuff you get in supermarkets. It was the nicest bacon I have ever had, You know that scene in 'When Harry Met Sally'? That was me eating my bacon barms today! :lol:


I'm hooked!

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