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Elderly chicken - puffy face

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Hi, hoping for advice. I had a chicken who is 10+ years old. Today the red skin on one side of her face is puffy, which means that her eye is half-closed. I don’t think the problem is the eye itself - no pus/discharge. Her eyesight is already poor, though, and with this she’s finding it hard to spot and distance things accurately. From the other side she looks completely normal, she’s moving normally and once she’d worked it out she tucked steadily into some grain that I gave her. Difficult to gauge how unwell she is, as at her age she spends a lot of time sitting around dozing anyway (though she can still run for treats); there’s no visible distress. I don’t want to put her through a lot of interference, as of all my chickens she’s the one who most dislikes being handled,  but don’t know what’s best for her right now. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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