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Cheap shops selling cheap plants!

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I've just come back from Birmingham city centre with a selection of raspberry canes (with shoots on), a bag of shallot sets and a nice healthy redcurrent bush, all from Poundland and The 99p Store. They are both selling blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, onion sets, shallot sets and seed potatoes, all for a pound or 99p 8)


They also both have a large selection of roses and other plants and bushes too (they had a lot of Hibiscus in Poundland).


Happy shopping!

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I bought some seed potatoes from the 99p shop in Birmingham on Wednesday.

I also went to Wilkinson (in Sutton Coldfield) and they have lots of cheap seeds. I bought Seed potatoes for £1.50 and they also had Garlic - £2.50. :)


If anyone needs big pots for planting potatoes in, Morrisons are good! :lol:

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I've got my Woolworths cheap asparagus crowns in a pot and my new Lidl fruit trees are planted out in the garden weathering the rest of the winter :wink:


I am waiting with baited breath to see if the grape vines from Woollies sale that I planted last year have survived :?


Amazing how much variety you can purchase in cheap shops :D

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I've had fruit trees from both Lidl and Aldi this year


Rasberry, blueberry and a white grape vine from Woolies as well as some bulbs.


Oh and I may have bought some seeds and stuff in Aldi or Lidl too.

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