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can i varnish inside a chicken house

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I don't see why not, as long as you let it fully cure and the smell has gone. A month should be more than long enough to prevent gassing the chooks.


It might affect condensation though as the wood wouldn't be able to breath but i think a as long as the ventilation is ok it should be fine.


I think some people on the Practical Poultry forum have varnished or painted theirs.


They are a few on here who also post on PP so they would know better.



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We have just used straght forward fence paint on ours which lets the wood breathe. Every year we give it a blow torching and repaint it. You have to watch out for the dratted red mite with a wooden house. We then spray it with a wonderfull spray from the vets called Vet-chem acclaim, which lasts 12 months. Never had mites since using it.

Dont think I have ever seen one done is shiny varnish.

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