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Ideas for recycling old washing machine?

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My new washer (dryer :oops: ) comes on Tuesday, so before I call the council & get them to take away my old washer are there any bits of it I can scavenge to use in a different way?

I have thought about using the drum to perhaps grow someting in?


I have also offered it on freecycle for spares. No takers yet.

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You can also make an excellent BBQ out of the drum.


The concrete blocks can be used to weight down A frame signs


The door could be a porthole if mounted on the wall in a kiddies bedroom


The waste pipe could be used link water butts together


The hoses can be used on your new machine


Oh my freind owns a washing machine shop so I've seen a few of these things done there.


I bought a washing machine this morning off Ebay. I paid £26 quid for a machine that is less than a year old and in perfect working condition. Reason for sale - stupid youngsters who spend too much money. They have moved into a new (rented) flat and the kitchen is black and silver (it was hideous!) so they have bought a silver machine to match!!!! Lets hope the next place they rent doesn't have a white kitchen otherwise they will be buying another white machine!!!

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