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Another gizmo for your kitchen.

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For those of you who dont have a panini maker, you so have to get one.


I did thing it might be a bit of a fad thing that wopuldnt get used very much but I have found a multitide of uses for it. The first is the obvious, paninis. Although I tend to use those part cooked bagettes and stick things like bacon, brie and cranberry sauce in them. mmm my fav!


But also I have now discovered many more uses. For example this week Im making BLT sandwiches for my others half sandwiches for work. Now normally I find cooking bacon under the grill takes about 15 mins (electic) and then you have the hastle of cleaning the grill pan when you have baken on fat. Well I decided to stick the rashers of bacon in the panini maker, and sure enough perfect pieces of crispy bacon in under 2 mins!!!! and the flat panels wipe clean easily with a cloth as they teflon.


Also I stick garlic bread on it to toast, and sometimes grate a little cheese on it to make cheese of toast. again no scrubbing melted burnt cheese off the grill, and it cooks in little over a min. evenly toasting it.


As you may remember I also toasted marshmallows on it recently. It really is amazing for doing loads of quick snack foods. Its like a sandwich maker and george forman grill in one.

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Another Omlet "must have"!


The volume of bacon butties my permanently starving thin as a rake sons eat is alarming....sounds the perfect thing.


I can't abide the mess when they use the grill.....neither of them like it microwaved.....and it takes too long in the oven. We had a George Formby....but it broke. :lol:

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I love my panini maker - I managed to bag a large one that will take 4 rounds of loaf bread on ebay last year. Think I paid a tenner for it, only used once. Must admit I'm not very adventurous with it - but it's great for making big piles of toasted sandwiches to feed the ravening hordes! :lol:

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