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Massive egg!

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Isabella, (the bully lol) has layed an enourmous egg today! Its twice the size of her normal eggs.

She has laid an egg every day since we got her, until yesteday. We thought she was having a day off but my goodness has she made up for it today, makes my eyes water just looking at it!

I will try and weight it tommorrow when i find some scales and take a picture


Catherine x

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had to get my mam to buy some scales today so we could weigh the eggs :lol:


She had another egg this morning, slightly smaller at 87g but still a good size egg considering she laid a whooper 2 days before.


Catherine x

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I am admittedly a bit of a sad case, but we've been learning how to do spreadsheets and charts in maths at school (well the children have, but I've been picking up tips :wink: ) and I'm all excited 'cos I can do it!


I've sorted out my Egg Tally (using formulae and everything!) but have now had a shot at making an Egg Leader Board.


Would it be any use, do you think?


~ Omlet Egg Leader Board ~

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