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Runny eggs and yolk in nesting box

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One of my chickens is laying beautiful eggs but when you break them the white is all runny. What could this be?


Also my other chicken has not layed for a while and I am now finding yolk and white in the nesting box but no shell. I am giving them grit in their food. Is she laying eggs with no shells or eating the shell?


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss at what to do. :?

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We have had a couple of runny whites lately.


Just a blip I think as it seems to have settled.


Re the shell less eggs....make sure your hens have free access to mixed poultry grit, and I give mine a tbsp of Limestone Flour (available for equestrian shops) per grub full of pellets.


She could be eating the eggs.


Try putting a couple of ceramic eggs in the nesting box...it might put her off.


Try to collect eggs as soon as poss after laying. Not always easy I know.

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I had the same thing re very thin shells that would break when I went to try to pick them up, or just egg everywhere in the nestbox.


I went to our local chicken place (Thornes for those who are local to me) - and Frank suggested the following: Poultry spice, dose more that it says - so about a teaspoon per chicken and mix with feed.


Also - change the food to growers mash rather than layers mash- as it has more phosphorous in it. Also - only treats late afternoon, and not too many!


I did this 3 weeks ago, and we haven't had a broken egg for 2 weeks now!


I had the issue with Ex batts - are yous ex-batts?


Good luck

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