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Am I worrying to much?

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I will have had my girls 2 weeks tomorrow and I'm worrying over everything I feed them as treats.


Today I cooked some pasta and rice, but even when it came to feeding them a small amount I was worrying that even though its been cooked it would still swell or get stuck in there crop and they wouldn't be able to digest it.


I've heard lots mentioned about giving them raisins, but again I worry these will still swell and cause them problems.


Does this sound silly to you? Am i worrying to much? :?


EDIT: It would be really lovely if you wonderful eggsperts could give me a big list of what I can give them and how to give it to them IE:cooked or raw :D


P.S They loved the pasta and rice :shock:

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If you are worried,then just give them a little & see how they get on.


I did have problems with rice once,but the hen in question ate a really large amount of it :roll:


Raisins are fine,as is cooked pasts,just don't overdo the treats - they get all the nutrition they need from their pellets or mash.

Greenery is good too,so try lettuce,spinach etc :D

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When it's cold at night I give my ladies some dried porridge oats mixed with pro-biotic natural yoghurt about 4pm. It helps them have some slow release energy to keep them warm all night. Bless them :)


Mine also love pasta, rice, bread, seeds, shredded wheat (can also mix with yoghurt), spinach, noodles, corn, fish, banana, apples and carrots. Pretty much anything that I don't want!


I am sure your girls will be fine - try not to worry too much! :wink:

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it's normal to worry in the early days, I did enough of it! :D


If you're not sure, ask.


I don't give ours pasta or rice as I think it's too sticky/starchy but that's just me.


Ours love dried meal worms, mixed corn, corn on the cob and they've had banana mushed up with choped up grapes in before now and some of them liked it and some didn't so we tend to stick with things they ALL like now.

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I think you have to keep in mind that up to now, your chickens will have had nothing but mash or pellets, and rather like children, it takes time for them to become used to new tastes and textures. Our old hens have quite wide tastes but don't like anything sweet - e.g. grapes, banana etc. but our new girls are still discovering what they like. They immediately loved cooked broccoli, pasta and mashed potato, but are just starting to eat sweetcorn and some other things. I would try yours with just a little each evening (as a means of getting them in). You'll soon discover what they like, but keep in mind that it's only a treat, not a whole meal.

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mine go bonkers for grated cheese, rice, pasta...porridge, crumbled oatcakes, in fact pretty mcuh everything I give them. I try only to give treats in the afternoon so they get their pellets down them first thing. Thier fave is left over corn on the cob. But they are greedy animals and can get pretty much anything down them so don't worry - if they don't like it they won't eat it! :D

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Bear in mind they often won't eat things that are bad, or survive even if they do.

Pasta and raisins are fine. We have fairly soft pasta. If the crop is normal it feels like a handful of seeds and can be moved around. Bad signs are squishy crop (feels like water) or a large lump that stays stuck together if you massage it.

Long grass/hay blocks crops, but can't think of anything else.


I've found grains (corn or pearl barley) popular, and bits of fruit of veg. Potatoes must be cooked, carrots can be raw.

I've fed tomato, strawberry, raspberry, banana, cabbage, lettuce, dandelions, porridge, live yoghurt.

Avoid rhubarb leaves, privet leaves and avocado. I avoid fatty/sugary/salty food generally.

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