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Arghhhhh please stop me!!!

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From worrying so much.


After reading the 'grass' post I have now changed there house around. I have made them some perches using a similar idea to the eglu, where i have made a block of bars for them to perch on with 2 small cat litter trays underneath filled with hemcore in, but now I'm worried they will get there heads stuck in between the bars, lol :shock:


They also now have a small area of straw for egg laying instead of hay :D


And finally I'm now also worried that Daisy's crop looks rather big after her pasta, rice and sweetcorn earlier today it has become much larger than normal after a feed. I will check to see if its gone down in the morning but after using hay for the last 2 weeks, which I didn't know you shouldn't use, I'm worried that I've caused her to get a blockage as I know they've been eating it :(






Daisy looking very full up!


Please ignore the dates, I keep forgetting to sort out my camera :oops:

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bless you, you sound just like me! :D


I do worry about my girls and I can totally empathise, I'll give you about 2 months and you'll have chilled a bit more by then ;)



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I'm sure it's just coincidence - you fed them lots of pasta, then read about the hay possibly causing impacted crops! :)


It's natural to worry, we all did at first I think. As time goes on you will get a lot more relaxed about it. I have kept cats all my life, and so if mine gets injured, sneezes, throws up or goes off his food it doesn't cause me any worries - I will know if it's something serious or not.


Just use your instincts, you will get to know what is normal for your chickens, and soon spot anything wrong.

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