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Pics of The Girls

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Great pics,is the guy in the pointy hat a nosey neighbour!.

The extended run looks great but is it difficult to rake over? I can only just manage with the standard one.?


I can only reach three quarters of the way with a long rake, to clean near to the eglu i have to move the whole thing

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Thanks,I thought as much, I wish we had gone for the extention; bit late now as we built a permanant run,the extra space would have been nice.I notice you have a light sussex,they look really pretty don't they?My son says he will buy me one for Mothers day.Do they make a good garden chook?

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yeah, only had them a few weeks, but the light sussex has been one of the quiet ones.


The amber link is very bossy, but laying well and quite tame...she loves to eat out of your hand.


The speckledy one is a bit naughty, she has been bullied a little but seems fine now. Shes always up to mischief, but again a nice bird.


Light sussex is a big bird, follows the speckled one around all day, they are the best of pals. A little flighty but ok, and a lovely bird to look at.


The french cooper Black maran is very quiet, hides behind the bossy bird a lot. She is quite small, and in time will have lovley colouring, looks a bit of a mess as i think she has been moulting recently.

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