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Sorry another question!! Red Kite's and free ranging

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Kites: Milvus large buzzard like bird of prey partly carrion feeders,frequent motor roads to feed on animals killed by traffic. To quote from a birding book.

Kites wont attack your hens. Buzzards on the other hand do kill larger prey such as rabbits so be more wary of them but also be aware they are protected so no suggestions of shotguns etc to protect chickens! Usually if they are in a garden with humans about the birds of prey will stay a long way away.

We did have one incident however up in Scotland my OH grandparents live on a remote croft and keep hundreds of hens in chicken sheds scattered throughout the property and we went out one morning to find a Golden Eagle attempting to catch Chooks who promptly ran off under bushes sheds tractors any cover available we all rushed out to see what the noise was to see this large bird swooping and diving we all shouted and instead of flying off it just settled in a tree and watched everyone quite unconcerned. Needless to say it didn't succeed in catching anything and just hung about I think it was a fairly young bird 'cause it did't seem to have a clue.

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