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got in a knot!!

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My netting from Omlet arrived so my son and I decieded to put it up,well, we got ourselves in a right knot.First off, there is so much of it and all those poles it reminded me of my Mum's knitting after the cat got it!.Once we'd untangled it we managed quite a good job of it, only the girls who had watched us with interest, appeared to be on the veg patch and we were fenced in the chicken run.However curiosity got the better of them and the sight of the corn filled tupperware and they were soon on their side of the fence! We finished just as it got dark and with the girls nicely tucked in the coop we retired for a nice cup of tea.We hadn't been in 5mins and our trusty labrador started barking at the window;I rushed out and there was a fox bold as brass.Just think if I'd left the girls out while I made my tea they'd be gonners now. Anyway my son has checked on them and they are snoozing contentedly.

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I got myself some omlet netting last year but didn't have much joy with it. Like you, it took me about an hour on my own to untangle it, then it kept falling down as i couldn't pull it tight on my own.


I got it up and running after a while... i popped my newbies, Doris and Peggy inside it to see how they got on. I nipped inside for a moment, and when I came back they were out of it! :shock:


I put them back in to watch what happened. One of them just magaged to lift it up with her head and the other walked into the net and got her head stuck in it. She was nearly choked!


I think you have to have a large area of flat open space to use it properly. :(

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There is definitely an art to it! I have found it very useful for dividing the run, but I also have a limbo dancing hen who gets underneath. The others just walk round through the tiny gap at the edge. :lol::lol:

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