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What type ..........?

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On Monday i went to open my chickens up and poor old marmalade was very wably on her feet and not able to peck properly :cry: I then went to buy some netting from Omlet and i told them about Marmalade and they said either a stuck egg or... something worse :cry: If she does not get better by Saturday then Omlet will take her away to a happy place. (v. sad atm) We did all the things they said - check the egg hole and put her in a bowl of steaming water (well not actually in ...) And there is no change at the moment so i am preparing for the worst. In addition to my new chicken which i will get to replace Marmalade i MAY want to get another differnt type of chicken.


So i have 2 things:


1. Is their anything that i can/should do for Marmalade

2. What type of chicken should i get?

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