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we've got the bug

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oh jeez - it was my birthday yesterday and everyone gave me money - the only problem is i now have enough for a cube!!!!! (if i saw one i would be sold anyway)

so i have spent last summer making my own coop (which is lovely) as i didnt think i could afford the cube, & took delivery of 3 chickens despite my hubby being dead against the idea.


and now 4 months on, hubby is loving the birds, the neighbours are excited with seeing the girls sticking their beaks through the gate at passers by, and today i have been offered some bantams which are coming up to POL.


so if i treated myself to the cube, could i mix bantams (obviously over some time) and would they live together ok?


they usually free range in the garden when i am at home, but i have also built a run, if i sold my coop on ebay i might get enough money to extend the run.


decisions decisions.......................

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I had a bantam and a regular-sized hybrid living together for about 18 months, and they were quite happy. As long as your chickens are the normal-sized and not great hefty orpingtons or brahmas, and the bantams aren't tiny pekins, you should be all right. Just introduce them slowly, like you would any hens, especially if the bantams are young. Good luck!

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Oooh, go for it Bertie! You are welcome to visit my cube if you want to convince yourself! :wink:


I do i do i do.........but i daren't- just yet. however mentioned it (cube) to hubby tonight and he was not negative at all. i rang james at omlet this afternoon and he directed me to the dimensions of the cube, so i am going to see if it will fit in the space i have..... i'm babysitting (he's 18) poorly nephew this weekend, so cant arrange anything yet..... .been offered £50 at school this afternoon from one of the mums for my coop.


was looking at your chicken course and i recognise you - either i have seen you around or you have a friend or neighbour called jill who has 3 boys!!!


oh sod it ......i do want to look :mrgreen:

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Done it -


getting an eglu by the end of the week courtesy of amanda newbie complete with 2 chickens - harriet and henrietta.


half term this week so shall be extending the run.


what will be the best idea to introduce the hens? i was thinking that if i keep the 2 new ones seperate (but in view of each other) over the next couple of weeks and then introduce them gradually - would this be the best way?

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Letting them see each other for a while through the bars of a run seems to be the best way of introducing them to each other. We let the ex-batts out yesterday for the first time with the bantams and the big girls. Buffy the brahma had a few scurmishes but she always does. The rest all acted as if it was the norm and had a lovely time.

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