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A hatching plan!

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Well we have gone & done it! My sister came round & she has taken delivery of another incubator yesterday! So she came round & we have both bought some lavender pekin eggs & some frizzle eggs for hatching! They will be due to hatch the week after I get back from my hols!!!! Now I will definitely be needing another eglu! :wink: My ssiter will have the majority of the chicks, but I will probably have 2 or 3 of each kind! Exciting stuff!


Any special requirements for hatching bantam eggs - or are they the same conditions & 21 days needed for normal chicken eggs?





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Bantams can hatch earlier, on day 19/20 but mine didn't till day 21 - apart from that everythings just the same. I hatched 4 white frizzle bantams - 3 boys and one girl, and had to get the wee girl put to sleep (I fixed her splayed leg but a few weeks later she dislocated and was too old to fix it again :( ). The 3 boys were vicious and attacked my hands every time I tried to pick them up. They also crowed at 9 weeks :roll: . Good luck :D

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