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double yolkers

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Now all hens are laying we have started selling our eggs, and guess what, one of the people my DH sells to has had 2 double yolkers this week. :shock: I'm so jealous. I keep keeping the biggest eggs, but as our ranger eggs are all between 80-90g then it's had to determine. No one he works with had heard of double yolkers before :shock: .


At least she enjoyed them :?


I hope we get one soon though

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That is so frustrating! :lol: I always try to keep potential double yolkers. When Little Bo started laying cream eggs (no not the choccy ones :roll: ) some of them were doubles, but they weren't very big, so the neighbour had them. He was delighted, I had to grin and pretend to be pleased :evil::lol:

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