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In and out of the nest box!!!! Now she's done it!

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I have been watching Daisy my black araucana most of this morning :oops: (well the dust needs chance to settle before I get rid of it :wink: ) she has been in and out of the nest box and I'm on pins here :oops: I don't think it will be the egg dance, I might be cart-wheeling around the garden :lol:


I got her at the begining of October from Wernlas, who told me she would lay in a couple of weeks :roll: She's so small perhaps she fell into a time warp :lol:


Karen x

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Any joy yet?? :?


No :( Infact I nipped out earlier to see, and ended up measuring my length on the floor :oops:


Oh boy doesn't falling over when you get past about 5 hurt, and make you feel hot and sick :shock:


I'm not sure how, I just tripped :oops: guess I was too eager :lol:


One bruised pride s"Ooops, word censored!"ed knees and hands, and a very sore wrist :roll: she still hasn't done anything :( You would have thought she would have produced just to ease my humiliation :lol::wink:


Karen x

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