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avatar checking

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It is an hour out, it say GMT + 1 hour at the bottom of the forum.

Not seen the avatar yet furball

I just saved the file to my computer and clicked the browse button on my profile and it worked. There is a limit to the size of photo you can use, if it is too big it may not work.

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On your last post it says posted at 8.46,whereas it is only 8.00 now,so it must be an hour out.

Either that or I am :roll:



I moaned about the clock a few months ago - only to be told that it doesn't default to GMT - you have to set that in your personal settings...


you have to set the timezone in your profile...




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The Omlet forum clock has been at GMT for approx 4 weeks now. If you are getting incorrect times, you will need to set to GMT in your user profile.

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