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I took delivery of my new cube last week and it's great. The girls have settled into it really well and I get a good laugh in the mornings when they launch themselves down the steps.


The problem is they won't drink from the glug. I gave in the first day and gave them water in their peanut drinker from their old eglu and which I've had to use every day since as they were so thirsty. Any ideas anyone? I want to be able to sell the peanut feeder/drinker when I sell the old eglu.

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I just took the other glugs away that morning and sat there for ages pressing the nipples so they dripped water. They soon worked it out. Theyre not stupid just lazy. I need to get myself another superglu or two. I much prefer them to the old glugs, maybe I'm lazy too.

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My girls are now happily drinking from a large bunny water bottle (1.1 litres)


I find it much easier to refill because it is on the outside of the run and the water remains fresh and clean.

I only bought one to see how they would get on with it and they started using it more than their glug.


I am going to get them another one soon so they will have 2.

I think I paid £3.60 odd including P&P from Ebay :D

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Many thanks to you all for your suggestions. It looks like I will need to purchase a new peanut drinker as my fussy girls seem to favour this option. I've tried sitting and pressing the nipples of the superglug but I just ended up with pecked fingers (I'm just one giant tit-bit to them!). At least I know I'm not the only one who has had this problem. Anyway I think the Eglu Cube is just fantastic - wish I'd bought one when they first came out. Will be buying more chooks to fill it soon.


(green eglu) 'for sale'

(cube red)

(white chicken) flossie

(white chicken) izzy

GNR big brenda


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Hi Maggie


Yes the old green eglu is for sale and it scrubbed up well today. Yes it has a run, shade, feeders etc and it's 3 years old. My only concern is that I see you are in Sevenoaks and I'm in Northumberland so the delivery will be a hefty price I imagine. I was going to try and sell it locally for £150 so would have to investigate P&P costs if you were interested.



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I think it's about time I tried out my new nipple Glug, which I have regarded with suspicion ever since its late arrival....


Yesterday morning I noticed that the four hens in the Cube were almost out of water. I forgot to fill up the drinker, went out, and when I came back they were in bed, and the drinker was completely dry.


I felt awful, and tried to give them a drink in bed, but they behaved as though they had been drugged (normal symptom, nothing to do with dehydration).


I got up extra early this morning to let them out before seven, in the hope that I could rescue them from dying of thirst, and they were full of life and ran straight towards ... their pellets.


All I can conclude from this is that hens are not the same as we are.


(And the bowl of water I put in the nesting box of the Cube in the vain hope that they would drink in the night had frozen solid. It was really cold last night.)

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