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My Back

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OK my back troubles are more than a little strange.


A few weeks ago I drove Granny down to Bournemouth for the day. By the time I got back I was in a lot of pain from my lower back - around the waistline.


Since then I am in pain when driving for longer than 10 mins, when sitting in an upright position for any period of time. Last week doing a day at work and then parents evening near killed me!


If I'm reclined, or even twisted my back doesn't hurt. When I'm hefting sacks of compost the pain isn't there and TBH moving all those logs today didn't make it hurt like sitting at my desk for 10 minutes did. There is no stiffness or pain when I wake up in the morning.


My lighterlife counsellor thinks its all due to my changing posture - I've shed 6 stone now since mid September.


Has anyone had this kinda problem before? Any suggestionts? I have been sitting in the hot tub getting a jet massage but again there is no pain when I'm not sitting upright so I'm not sure if that really helps.

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Thanks. After a lifetime of trying and failing to shift the weight I can't believe it myself - I'm like a different person!


I'm going to be keeping a closer rein on myself once its all gone, I've been overweight since I was about 10 years old and I'm hoping I've finally cracked it.

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Hi! I sounds to me like you may have some disc degeneration, this is often worsened by sitting.(Sorry, I work in an orthopaedic spinal unit) *Boring fact warning* You increase the amount of pressure you exert on your back by 4 times simply by sitting down.

Maybe you should see your gp and enquire about some physio? I won't recommend chiropractors as you would need one you know is ok. I've witnessed some horrendous injuries caused by them, some however are fantastic.

Hope it eases soon.

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Could it be Sciatica?

When I worked at Childrens World on the info desk,the chair I had to use gave me terrible Sciatica ,which cleared up as soon as I changed it.

However,I can still get flre ups now & then.

It was just that one chair - maybe your car is doing the same to you?

If it was the left side of your back,maybe the changing of gears aggravated things?


just a thought.....


Well donw on the weight loss :P

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Thanks for all the help and advice.


I get a medical check every month for my lighterlife but I only see the nurse or even someone at the pharmacy. I will try and see the doctor this week and ask about my back too. The doctor is always very encouraging about the diet programme - they have no problem with it at my surgery and think its a good solution for people like me (I was morbidly obese when I started!) People who haven't met me think its a lot of weight to have lost but of course I started at 20 stone 9 pounds so I'm still obese!


My Mum has suffered a lot of back problems she had a spinal fusion done some years ago and just last week had a hydrocortisone injection into the same area of her spine (she brought home some cracking pictures of the needle in which showed up all the screws from the fusion!). I guess the history too means I should get it all checked out - trouble is my medical insurance isn't quite as good as hers so it might take a while. (I'm with Benendon and she has P P P)

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