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how much food should i give them?

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Hi there,


I have 2 columbian blacktails that I got on Wednesday. I am currently feeding them a mixture of pellets and mash, then a handful of mixed corn in the afternoon...


should I be rationing their food, as I fill my feeder right up with food and they storm through it, then I fill it up again. and in half a week they have already put on weight.


How much mash/pellets should an 19 week old chook eat? and should I ration it to so much per day?


Thanks, Tom

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I agree with Snowy and Egluntine. Pellets/mash ad lib and just small treats. Though I have to say, since I added mash mixed with bokashi to my pellets, the girls are eating loads more. Maybe it's just coincidental as they are gearing up to spring egg production. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and trying not to assume they are just greedy. :wink:

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Chickens eat on average 125g of pellets/mash a day, but this does depend on the chicken, the weather, egg laying etc etc.


As the others have said, let them eat pellets/mash from the run and only a few treats in the afternoon.


They will eat more when they start laying. Hope you get some eggs soon.




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