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Rolo Rabbit

What are Marans like?

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We replaced our Gingernut & Peppercorn with a Cuckoo & a crested chook about 3 weeks ago. They are just boring!

Not a lot about them at all, they just sit about in the garden minding their own business regardless of what we try and tempt them with to be more sociable! No more running up the garden every time I open the back door!


Stick to the friendlier breeds I say

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We got the new birds from Merrydale Poultry. They look lovely, but in the words of the Simply Red song "beautiful but oh so boring!"

The Cuckoo is called a Merrydale Cuckoo because of its markings I guess- grey with lighter grey specks.

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with either Merrydale or the 2 new birds, but having had 2 Omlet chickens to start off with we thought that all chickens were the same- WRONG!!!!

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I have a cuckoo maran that I got last November. She isn't the friendliest of the 5, but I can still pick her up. Once she is settled, she is fine. Lays lovely dark eggs too.


Not the best picture -



She is the one standing up at the front.

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we thought that all chickens were the same- WRONG!!!!


:D They are all little individuals, aren't they? Angelica, my Wyandotte bantam, isn't what you'd call friendly - she hates being picked up - but she comes running whenever she sees me. Cupboard love :roll:


BTW, AnnewithoutanE, you need to put a space between 'green' and 'eglu' to get the picture of one in your profile!

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Cuckoo Marans are similar to Speckledy hybrids - black and grey. As for personalities - I think it depends mostly on individual hens rather than breeds. I would never hatch or keep Welsummers again as I found them noisy, nervy and unfriendly - someone on the forum has a gentle, friendly Welsummer.

Similarly my Buff Sussex are so friendly I trip over them as they follow me around, someone else on here can't get near their timid Buff Sussex. So you see, everyone has different experiences. I personally think there are nicer colours of Marans than 'cuckoo' but thats just my own taste.

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We have a cuckoo maran, she is very easy to pick up, a reliable layer, she's a very busy little hen which is strange as sometimes their character is described as lazy and our maran certainly isnt lazy!!


She's greedy, friendly, inquisitive and always barging in the kitchen door.


We wouldnt be without her. :D

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