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Have to take rabbit back to petshop

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I bought my sixteen year old daughter a dutch rabbit on saturday.

We first went to the local childrens farm (which cost a fortune in fares and entrance) But they had nothing that she wanted, so we went into town to a pet shop, where we found a lovley little dutch female.

I asked what I thought were all the relevant questions age, sex, temperament etc, and could see the bunny was bright eyed and alert, the pen was clean and there was no sign of runny poo.

On getting home we discovered the rabbit had a hard boney lump on one side of her back.

I certainly can't afford to take on a pet that is going to have health issues right from the start, so I phoned the vet this morning for advice.

It would cost me £25 just for the vet to look at the rabbit and tell me if it is likely to need treatment.

I have decided to return the rabbit to the pet shop, My daughter will be upset but I don't see I have any choice.

What I don't understand is , they told me in the shop they had the bunny for three weeks and handled her on a regular basis.

How come they didn't notice it?

So just a word to the wise if you are going out to buy a pet of any kind

Apart from the normal checks you would do, check for lumps or bites/scratches that can become abcess's :wink:

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Hi Chelsea

I spoke to the woman at the shop and she has agreed to take it back.

She has some more rabbits coming in on thursday, so will have a look at those.

She says they are not dutch tho, they are dwarf lops, she says dwarf lops are very placid which is what we are looking for :lol:

My friend had a dwarf lionhead that attacked me :twisted:

It actually leapted at me and bit me on the knee, it was growling too :twisted:

It was like something possesed, So I have always been wary of rabbits since, Which begs the question why am I letting my daughter have one :?


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Forgot to say, have you thought about rescuing at all? Am just thinking that you are a bit worried about aggression etc. Good rescues neuter bunnies before rehoming, and will advise you of their personalities. That way you don't take a gamble on having a cute baby bunny that then becomes a demon when the hormones set in! :lol:


I've got 2 girls, and their personalities became much nicer after they were spayed, but it isn't absolutely guaranteed.

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