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Anyone had a wooden chicken house and changed to eglu/cube?

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And if so why?

I am pondering eglu/cube/wooden house.....

I currently like the cube but am concerned about the problems people seem to have had with them leaking and the lack of concern from the omlet company.

I also like a wooden house i have seen and it is cheaper too.But i am concerned about red mites in wooden houses.

So at the moment it seems that i can have a pest free one that leaks(=cube) or a nice dry one that might get beasties in.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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People have been keeping chickens in wooden coops forever. If that's what you prefer or can best afford, go for it. It doesn't mean that you'll have instant mites, just that you need to be a little more careful. If you clean the coop regularly and dust well with red mite powder each time, you shouldn't have a problem. I have an eglu and a wooden coop. The eglu (like the cube) is easier to clean, but apart from that, they're both fine.

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I have a cube and as of yet had no problems with it leaking....*crosses fingers*


I can understand how some people have problems - I think the mouldings could possibly do with a 'tighter' fit and that improvement plus a few others mentioned may result in a Mark II version down the line.


But maybe what you can see alot of on the forum at the moment are the negatives of the cube (quite rightly before anyone shoots me down) and the people who don't have problems saying nothing and making it look a little one sided...


I'm happy with my cube and glad I went for it instead of a wooden one - although I have never had a wooden one I really can't see how it would be as easy to clean :D



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I think in fairness to Omlet, more cubes don't leak than do. :lol:


I can only think of a few people that have posted to say that they are having problems, and when you think of the number of cubes that must have been sold in the past year or thereabouts since they were launched, that can't be bad.


I suppose that you will only hear about the ones that do on the forum as you wouldn't think to mention it if they didn't!


Don't let it put you off.


I hope you find the right chicken house, whether you go for a cube or a wooden house.

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Well I started chicken keeping with a wooden coop and we never had red mites-this is probably because we used new wood to build it from and took it fully apart once/twice a fortnight.


As day to day maitenance is concerned the eglu and the wooden coop were about the same and it was just until it came to a full scrub out there was a difference as the wood absorbs the water meaning it took longer to dry. Apart from that I hadn't had many problems, except the wooden coop was rather heavy and a bit difficult for me to manouvre, (probably because it has a steel roof! (Roof felt harbours red mite).


Hope that helps and if you have any more questions feel free to PM me.



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I love my Cube and don't have any leaks at all.


I am afraid it is human nature to keep quiet when things are going well and only to speak out when something goes wrong. The Cube has been around for nine months now, and Omlet have sold an awful lot of them. I have only heard of a few that leak.


I would recommend getting hens delivered with your Cube if you are in the catchment area. Then Omlet assemble it for you and check it over.

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I did it the other way round..... started with Eglus and then had to buy some wooden housing.


We had terrible problems with red mite last year despite using powder and cleaning the wooden coops out regularly. We are now replacing the wooden ones with second hand Eglus.

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