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Can they be fostered?

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Hi Everyone,


My friend has seperated from her partner and is having to move into a 3rd floor flat for a few months while she sorts various issues out.


She has two cats and obviously they cant go with her to the flat. They are mostly outdoor cats and it wouldnt be fair to shut them in a flat all day. And its her brothers flat!


Will she need to rehome them or is there anywhere that would foster them for her? I thought Wood Green used to do that as they were looking for foster carers last yr but i cant see anything on their website.


I would take them for her but i already have four of my own and 3 rabbits and i dont have the space or the time, and it wouldnt be fair on my cats.


Can anyone offer any suggestions?


She lives in suffolk if thats any help.


Thanks :)

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I think they can in principle. Cats are quite adaptable, and I once 'fostered' two for a friend who wanted a sabbatical. They settled in fairly quickly with me, but were happy to return to live with her when she came back to the UK.


However the difficulty is finding someone who is willing to do it and who won't get so attached they want to keep them. She could try local cat sanctuaries - they may be willing to do it for a donation, but obviously there are costs involved. She could try advertising in local vets?


I hope she finds somewhere - it sounds hard, but I wonder if in the circumstances she might not be better to rehome them permanently, and get some more cats when she is settled.

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I think it's worth the effort to try to get them fostered... it might be a case of asking around and even get it in writing from the fosterer that they will give the cats back...

Rehoming and getting other cats is not a bad idea, don't get me wrong, but when you're attached to your cats it'd be so heartbreaking, especially if it's only for 3 months... if it was for a year or two, then it'd be different...


I have 5 cats too, and am too far, otherwise would happily help. Maybe this would be a great way for any would-be cat owner to have a test run and see if they want cats of their own...

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Babycakes said at the bottom of her first post that the friend lives in Suffolk.


Ziggy, I do agree that fostering would be preferable, and I would hate to give up my own cat. It's just very hard to find someone who's willing to go through the upheaval of taking on strange cats, introducing them to their own cats, putting up with the mess, cat-hair, scratching, chucking up and other cat-related issues - and then hand them back.


I've been in the same situation, fortunately my former partner was willing to keep all four cats, on the firm understanding that when I had a home with a garden, Cat No.1 would be coming to live with me. She joined me after six months and jumped straight into my arms, no problems at all, but if he had not been willing to do this I would probably have had to leave all four there.

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