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Corn & Porridge

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Our girls love porridge, we just use hot water and porridge oats with some spinich or greens mixed in. I wouldn't use milk as chickens are lactose intolerant. Or you could make them pellet or mash porridge, which is probably better for your girls as it contains the nutrients they need. Or you could do a mixture of both.

As for the corn, the girls will love it either way, corn on the cob keeps them amused for longer, but I would snap it in half to give all the girls a chance to have some, I've noticed the lower in the pecking order girls ignore things that need sharing and prefare the food to be scatered so they get some too.


Hope this helps!



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corn comes in several ways, I used to give my girls tinned sweetcorn with no added sugar or salt.


I've now moved onto Organic mixed poultry corn (they sell it in the omlet shop) and my lot go absolutely bonkers for it :D they love it!


I havent tried on the cob - but some people hang it up and their girls love it.


Porridge - I always give it to them wet, with warm water, a scattering of raisins, wait to cool down and then serve! :wink:

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I hang a whole corn on the cob up and they play corn swingball with it. :lol:


Every night I mix up some layers mash with warm water a handful of porridge oats and some chopped courgette. They go mad for it.


(it is mainly pellets/mash, so they are getting the benefit from it)


A 5kg bag of mixed poultry corn has so far lasted 5 months and still only half way through....!

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