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Egg Eating Chooks

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Oh dear I've just said I'll take 2 of my friends chickens who have had this habit for about 8 months and she's fed up with them and they were going for the 'chop', so I offered to take them and try and break them of their bad habit. I've just blown 2 eggs ready to fill with mustard and finding odd golf and table tennis balls, ready for them tomorrow.

Wish me luck. They have a months reprieve! :cry:

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gosh, good luck! Please post about your experience on here, as it would be very helpful.


I suspect one of mine of being an egg-eater, I have had a couple of eggshells in the poo tray and I don't know for sure if they were very thin shells and just got broken (they've been moulting and aren't quite back on form) or if they were deliberately eaten :evil:


I'm waiting to catch her in the act - but I'd like to hear of any ways of nipping this habit in the bud!

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I've just collected a lovely brown egg from one of my "egg eating chickens'. This is my first time at keeping chickens and noticed that one of them kept going into the eglu to sit in the egg bit, I peeped in through the egg port and then lo and behold when a friend came down to take a look at them, there was an egg waiting! Grabbed it quick and sitting on my work top in a little dish!!

So fingers crossed off to a good start. :D

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Grrr ... got up late this morning, and when I looked out of the window I could see that Sadie the speckledy and one of the gingernuts were both in the Eglu. The girls in that one have only been laying intermittently anyway, so I was quite excited - perhaps they are queuing for the nesting box, I thought.


No, one was laying and the other one was eating! :evil: there was an empty shell and a bit of yolk when I got there, no doubt about it.


(this might sound really stupid) I have two white ceramic egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers. I've had them years, and I never use them. If I put them in, do you think they would do the trick of 'fooling' them? I know someone has posted on another thread to say they had great success with ceramic eggs.

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No, they are quite solid which is why they've survived for so long (I think they were an engagement present, which places them in around 1983! :oops: )


I never use salt, and anyway I have nice acrylic grinder-type things, so I am not sure why these didn't head for the charity shop a while ago. Obviously I knew they would have a purpose, one day! Anything is worth a try, when you have waited weeks and weeks for eggs it's VERY cross-making to find the little blighters eating them. :evil:

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