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My ex bats update and a roosting question?

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Hi everyone,


Well I am glad to report, that my 4 ex-bat girls after 3 weeks are making fantastic progress. :D


As soon as I get home from work at about 4pm, I go straight out to the garden, and the girls start making a racket and all huddle by the gate of the run. I then let them out, and they all shoot out and start scratching around. I can then just stand there for hours watching them.

(Is this normal :lol: )


Then before they go to bed, I give them some titbits like dried mealworms

and some corn or raisins which they all go mad for.


I am also glad to report that the 2 very scrawny ones are starting to grow back their feathers. :)


We have had a total of 4 eggs now, and we are hoping that as they all get back to full health and strength, and with the longer days approaching, that they will reward us with some more.


I have noticed that when they go to bed, they all try to squash in to the nesting box, leaving the roosting area free.


Do you suppose because they are ex-bats and therefore have never roosted, that they prefer to sleep on the nest?


I was thinking that I could convert half of the roosting area to an additional nesting box filled with straw, so that they all had plenty of room.


Any comments or advice would be most welcome.


Regards to all



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No advice to give but.....just want to share that we collect our ex bats hens on the 15th March and we are sooo excited. It's lovely to know that all your girls are doing so well. We've bought an eglu cube, but also Hubby has made a convalesent henhouse until they are stronger and can climb the ladder. This site is great with all the info from friendly people.

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You are having the exact same experience with ex-batts as me!


All huddling by the gate, standing watching them, scarwny ones growing feathers back and they all sleep the nesting box in the cube. All 5 of them!


I've just left them to it and top it up with straw to cover the poo then clean it out every few days. If they weren't comfy they'd move is my thinking.

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