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after a soft shell how long to get back to normal?

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My lovely Ruby laid her first egg on Monday, a softie which made her feel really ropey and me really worried. she recovered quickly though. Does anyone know how long it takes them to get onto laying proper eggs and whether there is anything I should do diet wise to help? Am thinking it was just a beginner's glitch and I shouldn't change anything as her mate is laying every day....any advice most welcome :)

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It is probably a beginners glitch as you say, but you could try giving her extra calcium in the form of limestone flour (calcium carbonate) or baked and ground up egg shells.


When mine laid a softie it would normally take a couple of days to get back in the swing of things.


Hope you get some proper eggs soon.

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softies are common.


A hen will appear hunched and dazed before laying one, and will also be a little quiet after laying it. I would say it would take about 48 hours all in all before the hen returns to normal.


Its nothing to worry about when a hen 1st starts laying you will get small eggs, odd shaped eggs etc. Grit helps a lot when older hens lay softies so make sure they have access to grit. :)


Hoping as I type this your hen is back to normal!

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