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Bea, sun bathing

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let them all out together and had to act as cockerel to keep them from pecking her, (got a splitting headache from bending down!) they mostly left her alone and she and Fatima were sun bathing a foot apart at one point. She's back in her run now, still soaking up the sun and I've left the others out for a bit.


The sun might do her legs some good, hopefully.


They're funny in the sun aren't they? They flop down like someone has let the air out of them :lol:





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she's settling in very well. I gave her some chopped up grapes yesterday, which she ate gingerly. Just been out to give her some today and she nearly bit my hand off! :lol:


She saw Shalott and Mariana dust bathing in the run and decided to do the same, which was lovely to see.


They're all back in now while i get on with some domestic stuff but they all seem very happy today which makes me super happy :D

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