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Lady Penelope

National Science Week starts on Friday

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Time to warm up your scales and get your form printed off and ready to fill in. It will be great to recieve all the info that you gather, and hopefully we can finally find out whether your eglu colour does affect the way your girls produce.


If you have any questions please email me (penny@omlet.co.uk) or give me a call at Omlet HQ on 0845 450 2056.


Happy weighing!

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I think that pink is a stimulating colour, so I'm guessing that will come out tops :D:D


Do we only count eggs that get into the house, or do we also count sad little offerings of soft shelled eggs :? Poor Sybil is taking a while to recover from her moult and still hasn't got the shell production area of her insides sorted out, but produces a soft shelled egg every day - I wish she'd just take a complete break and give herself time to recover. Having said that she looks very well and is very active.

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Just refreshing this so we all remember to start tomorrow!


Kate in the original thread I couldn't access the form and James kindly put another link on which did work.


If you still can't do it, can I attach a file to a PM? (I suspect not!)

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