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Retraining chickens to an eglu abode

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Hello, just adopted a couple of my friends chickens who lived with a group of 6 chickens in a traditional house with a small run.

Never kept chickens before so unsure of their ways etc. although learning lots from this forum, many thanks!

However had a little problem last night as one wouldn't go into the eglu, and she just sat down in the pitch dark on the grass, so had to resort to crawling into the run and shove her in with a broom, did the trick so hope a bit more sense tonight. Anyway don't seem to have eaten much from the grub container, have seen them drinking from the glug, so wondered if they knew it was there? Had some rice and vegetables just now in a dish on the floor and whooshed that down and eating the oyster shell again in a dish on the floor. Should I put some pellets on the floor or will they finally work it out? Don't like to think they're going hungry in this cold weather. I think they just had a traditional feeder in their last home.

Look forward to your advice :)

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When the chap from Omlet delivered my Eglu he advised me that as the chooks had not used it before I should not put water or food in for the first hour so that they could get used to their new surroundings,he said they would probably go into the house and try out the perches and they would come out again to scratch around.When i put the grub and glug in they drank straight away but didn't eat much.I didn't give them treats for a couple of days,and then only in the late afternoon so that they would eat the pellets as their main meal.They are very quick learners and will very soon cotton on to the routine. I'm sure you are but it is best to carry on with the same food as they have been used to or to change over slowly.

Chickens are very easy to look after.Enjoy your new girls.

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Thanks for all your replies and advice. The girls went to bed without the need of the broom head last night and also tonight, so mastered bedtime. Tried some corn leading up to the grub feeder and also put some into the feeder, but don't think they realized it was there. As i've been worried that they're not getting any food, have been sprinkling the pellets on the floor. Not fed them any treats till late afternoon and they woof that all up.

I expect that they'll get the hang of it all eventually. They know when they see me I usually give them something!

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